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Pokedoll/Plush Wishlist~<3
If you have any pokedolls I want, let me know. We may be able to work something out :)
 1. Umbreon
2. Flareon
3. Vaporeon
4. Jolteon
5. Espeon
6. Leafeon
7. Glaceon
8. Eevee
9. Raichu
10. Zorua
11. Arceus
12. Dialga
13. Latios
14. Latias
15. Whimsicot
16. Drifloon (canvas plush)
17. Blitzle
18. Creselia
19. Mew
20. Entei
21. Snorlax
22. Lugia 
23. Shadow Lugia
24. Giratina (altered form)
25. Kyogre
26. Spiritomb
27. Musharna
28. Wobuffet
29. Gengar
30. Raikou
31. Shaymin (ground form)
That's all I can think of right at the moment :3

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Hi there!

The Chargan_Rawr GA came in to me, and i'm now currently sorting and wrapping and weighing the packages :) Your total for shipping is located on the spreadsheet here;


You can send payment for it to weedrose@hotmail.co.uk

Please make sure to include your name and ''Chargan_Rawr GA payment'' within the memo. Also be sure to mark yourself off on the sheet!

Packages will be mailed out within the next few days. Thanks so much for taking part guys :)

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